ATP Tour Official Tournament


In the 15th of December of 2017, the Rio Open and the Government Authority of Olympic Legacy announced a partnership to use the Olympic Tennis Centre at the Olympic Park. The Rio Open Sports Unit (NERO) aims to include unprivileged kids through the improvement of physical, motor and mental abilities as well as continuing an Olympic legacy. The project benefits over 50 children, from 6 to 11 years old, from the Burle Marx public school. The kids are supervised by capacitated professionals, submitted to medical exams and they also are provided with meals and materials.

“Since the first edition of Rio Open, we set up a goal to stimulate the practice of sports among underprivileged kids. The inauguration of this project is one more step in the evolution of this philosophy”, said Marcia Casz, Rio Open General Director.

After hitting the limit age of the program, children who show a special talent will be directioned to high performance sports centers in Rio.

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